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Getting Unstuck


A "must have" book for every therapist, clinical supervisor, and counselor educator! Have you encountered these unnerving situations in counseling and not known what to do?

  • A couple won't stop yelling at each other.
  • You are accused of misinterpreting everything a client says.
  • A client is threatening to commit suicide when she leaves the office
  • You are having a personal crisis and cannot put it aside to do counseling.
  • An adolescent won't talk to you.
  • A client wants help with a situation that is morally repugnant to you.
  • You are presented with a diagnosis you have never treated before.
  • The person you are training to be a counselor has no little idea of how to proceed in difficult situations.

Then Getting Unstuck: Practical Guidance for Counselors: What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do is the book for you! You will never get stuck in therapy again. After reading the book, you will have over 100 strategies and techniques to deal with virtually any therapeutic dilemma. Not only will it make you a more effective therapist, but it is also designed to help you grow personally.

This is an excellent book to use in clinical supervision and counselor education. Assign a chapter a week and it quickly provides ideas, strategies, and approaches that every therapist needs to know.

Getting Unstuck
will help you:

  • Navigate through the therapy process knowing what the next step is at each point.
  • Develop protocols for dealing with difficult clients.
  • Learn how your personal growth can enhance the therapeutic process.
  • Connect with clients in a way that will bring about the greatest change.
  • Quickly identify clients' strengths and resources not even known by them.
  • Learn how to "get into the flow" of counseling to create positive, consistent results.
  • Add a new level of interest and expertise to your clinical supervision.

Endorsements for Getting Unstuck

"One of the most frustrating situations in psychotherapy is what to do when you don’t know what to do. Jon Winder’s Getting Unstuck, What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do, which is based on his many years of experience, guides the reader through techniques, interventions, and perspectives that ensure you will build your professional and personal confidence so you will likely never get stuck again.”

-Bill O’Hanlon, author of Change 101 and Do One Thing Different

"Getting Unstuck will guide you through tough therapeutic dilemmas and help your clients on the way! No matter what your theoretical approach or level of experience, this book will improve your clinical confidence and professional expertise. Highly readable and filled with heart."

-Clifton Mitchell Ph.D., Author of Effective Techniques for Dealing with Highly Resistant Clients

“I love it. Every therapist has faced those moments of not knowing how to proceed with a client whose problems or personality seem daunting. Winder, from his more than 40 years of counseling experience, has put together a wonderful compendium of stories and strategies for dealing with just these situations. In addition to a trove of practical advice, his book is full of compassion, heart and wisdom from a seasoned counselor— a great reference book for any therapist's bookshelf.”  

— Joe Kort, Ph.D., CST, author of Is My Husband Gay, Straight, or Bi?

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